A new way to share money between friends

The Payback Machine is an easy, useful, and free way to keep track of shared money.

Here's how it works:


Create a group for you and your friends

You just moved into a new apartment with Dave, Dan and Jon. It's only been a week and the expenses are already piling up.


Type in what you spend, and who's chipping in

You paid the cable bill and split it four-ways. Dan loaned Jon $10 for dinner last night. Dave paid for everything at Ikea, most of which was for him, but you're all sharing the couch. So you type it all in.


Settle up whenever you want, with penny precision

When it's all added up, everyone owes Dave a little money, but not much. No rush to pay it off. You'll always know exactly who owes how much. And when you want to settle up, the site knows how to route the money in the fewest checks.

To start using The Payback Machine, create an account!